AlienShe DIY Illustration/Logo

AlienShe is an Etsy store a friend ran, I vectorized and colorized a drawing that she had done.

Bearded Guys Lawn and Landscaping

Bearded Guys Lawn and Landscaping never took off, but the logo turned out pretty fun!

Ditch Diggahs Logo

The Ditch Diggahs are my softball team, we've been together for 7 years and when it came time to redesign the logo and jersey this year, I jumped at not having a clipart logo. Really happy how it came out on the jersey.

Eli's Birthday Invite

My Nephew Eli's Birthday Invitation, I've been making my nephew's birthday invites for a few years, this is just the most recent.

Sew Aunt Bobo

Sew Aunt Bobo is another Etsy page ran by a friend, she embroiders baby blankets and pillowcases, really cute stuff. Tried capturing her goofiness.

Hoffman's PC Lab Website

Hoffman's PC Lab is still under construction, I've been going through many design possiblities, trying to get back into designing affordable logos and anything I can help with for people that need some design help but aren't large businesses that have all the money in the world. Trying to help out whenever I can.

Ryland's Birthday Invite

This invite was for my son, Ryland's 1st birthday last year, Where the Wild Things are inspired, mix of illustrator and photoshop, a little tracing, but no clip art here, vectored and textured this, he had a good 1st birthday

Rally for Ryland flyer

This one was fairly simple except the color correction on the original image, I include it only as an introduction to my best buddy and how important he is in my life and how one of a kind he is. I'm more than open to any questions about my little buddy. Parenting has been a long road already and I look forward to every minute I get to spend with him.

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